History and Development

In 1991, Son Tung was founded as a small coffee workshop with traditional and handicraft production methods.

In 1993, it expanded to distribute its products to the system of coffee shops.

In 2009, it officially improved its packing designs, and launched two lines of products: Tradition and Coffee-shop.

In January 2013, Son Tung started building a factory in Tay Ninh with the area, over 1.800 square meters.

Early 2014, Son Tung developed high quality line, named A2 with three new products to increase further quality and to meet the need of being well served of customers.

In January 2016, Son Tung developed instant coffee line – Strong Coffee that has represented iced latte with Vietnamese traditional style.

Establishment ceremony of Son Tung Coffee One Member Co., Ltd.

VISIONS. By 2030, Son Tung will be one of the top 4 company that specializes in providing organic coffee in Vietnam.

MISSIONS. Son Tung brings products made from coffee with the best of quality and service to customers in order to meet all their demand.

CORE COMPETITION. Son Tung commits to implement five things:

1. Passion

2. Unity

3. Creativity

4. Knowledge

5. Effectivity